"But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep."

Hello, my name is Jessica Hart. I'm just an average girl if you don't count the fact that I can travel to different universes when I sleep.

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I want a tread where my character cannot stand yours or vice versa but the two of them find their-selves in a situation where they have to trust/rely on each other.

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Tired of Running - thegregsonfugitives


Benny was driving back to Beacon Hills after a trip to the neighborhood town. He knew he couldn’t keep stealing blood just from the hospital in the town where he lived, so he made sure to make trips to other hospitals in the area, just to throw off any suspect. If he left a trail too easy to read, whoever was on his and Lea’s tracks was going to find them. So that was why he was driving back with two thermal bags filled with blood bags from the neighboring hospital.

He was confident that if anyone stopped him and wanted to check his trunk for whatever reason, he could compel them to go away and leave him along. Small perks of being a vampire. Lea was at home, having sat this theft out because of her shift at the coffee shop. As he kept driving, Benny suddenly saw a figure in the middle of the road, and he pushed down on the brakes, trying to stop the car. Once he succeeded, he sighed in relief, seeing he’d managed to stop in time.

He got out of the car and reached the girl, his expression a mix of anger and confusion. “What the hell? I could have killed you!” he told her, then took a deep breath, he’d been trained to face situations with a cold blood, but the adrenaline was rushing. “Are you okay?” he asked in a calmer voice, trying to assert if she was injured. “What are you doing here?”

Jessica remembers thinking about how stupid deer where to freeze whenever they see a car coming at them. It never made sense to her why they wouldn’t run away. It wasn’t until she was standing in the middle of a road with a car coming towards her did she understand. It was like her mind no longer had control of her body. While her mind was screaming at her to move, her body stayed rooted to it’s spot. Too frightened and shocked to do much of anything besides close her eyes just before impact.

A small part of her was okay with dying like this. At least it meant that those people would never be able to take her back. She wouldn’t have to run anymore or live in a constant state of fear. Maybe she would be reunited with her parents. Something that she had never given much thought to it before but now wished for it with all of her heart.

But the impact never came. Confused, Jessica opened her eyes to see that the driver of the car had succeeded in stopping it about a foot from her. She couldn’t tear her eyes from the hood of the car even as the driver got out and started talking. Her body trembled and her heart felt like it was ready to pump right out of her chest as her emotions tossed and turned in an unstable way.

"I don’t…I don’t…" She mumbled, her eyes still locked on the car.



"Maybe the big ‘flammable’ sign on the side?"

"Well they should put a time limit on that thing. I only sat it there for a second."

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         ”You’re stupid.”

"How was I supposed to know that it would catch on fire?"

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when u wanna do the drafts but ur muse like nah


when u wanna do the memes but ur followers like nah


Alrighty then, I’m sleepy so I’m gonna go to bed. By go to bed I mean that I’m gonna get into my bed with my laptop and read until I pass out.

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