I just got the call from my uncle telling me that my mom has passed away. I don’t really know how to feel. Part of me doesn’t really believe it.

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"Mine’s kinda the same," Tess admitted. "He just disappeared for most of my life and now whenever he’s around, he tried to dictate pretty much everything I do," she added, chuckling. "He’s a few centuries late for that," she joked, though technically, it was he truth. "No, I don’t mind, I’m a good listener," she replied, smiling friendly at the girl. "I mean, my life choices are poor to say the least, so I wouldn’t take any advice I give, but as far as listening goes, I’m good."

She was silently glad that the subject of Kate had been dropped. Most people would frown on the concept that yes, she was happy the woman was dead because she sat Tess’ best friend on fire. So instead, she focused on what the girl said next. “Exciting? Nah, not so much,” she admitted with a shrug. “The town has kind of a gruesome history, but that’s only exciting if you’re into that sort of thing,” she added, tilting her head to the side.


Jessica took another slip of her still hot coffee, hoping the burning sensation would stop her mind from thinking about everything she didn’t want to think about. About her father, about what he told her, and the real reason she had packed up her bags and left in the middle of the night. But as hard as she tried, the thoughts wouldn’t disappear. The thought of opening up to this kind woman was a tempting one but one she had to deny. She couldn’t put her problem on her. Especially no ones so strange and out of the ordinary. So she put the coffee back down on the table and forced her expression into one of cheerfulness.

"Is there a bar in this town?" She knew it was a weird question to ask out of the blue but she needed something stronger than coffee. Something that would help her forget. Plus, she doubted her car would be ready anytime soon. She would get drunk, find someplace to sleep it off and then be on her way.

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Isaac could feel her smile against his lips and it erased those last doubts that were nagging at his mind. He wasn’t used to people actually wanting to be around him, it was a concept that he was still adapting to, and the fact that Jessica not only wanted to spend time with him, but also wanted… this, it made him feel good. He didn’t care if this was complicated, nothing good came easy, he knew that very well.

At her question, however, he was caught completely off guard. “Uh,” he said, a bit lost. He was thankful when she spoke again, clearing things up. He let out a breathless chuckle and nodded. “Sure, yeah, this way,” he said as he started leading the way. He felt embarrassed for the way he’d froze up at her question, and he hoped she didn’t interpret that the wrong way. She was attractive, the idea of something more happening between them was more than welcome, but he wasn’t the guy to rush into this, not after his past experience with Erica.


Jessica sent Isaac a smile, thinking his reaction to her misleading suggestion priceless and cute, before following him towards his home. It was nice walking with him even if it was in the middle of the night and it was a bit too chilly for her liking. She wasn’t running for her life or hiding what she could do. She was just being a normal girl out with a guy that she liked. It felt weird but nice not to have any of the crap on her mind. Instead she was currently focusing on trying to remember what Isaac had told her about himself during her first visit here.

"Do you still live with…your friend? Is that what you told me?" She felt like an idiot to have forgotten but to her it was months ago and a lot did happen that night. She had no idea how long it had been for Isaac or what had happened since then. If they were living in the same universes, then it would be the same amount of time. Something she was simultaneously wanted and didn’t want.

While I’m (slowly) working on my drafts, does anyone want to plot?

"I want to get so drunk I forget all my problems and I need someone to come with me. You interested?"


I have to keep reminding myself that I must finish my drafts before starting any new plots.



"Are you breaking up with me?"
"Are you having nightmares again?"
"Anything you want to say?"
"Apparently, I need to grow a mustache."
"Balloons? Really?"
"Be quiet!"
"But what if we get caught?"
"Can you not?"
"Care to tell me what’s going on?"
"Come find me."
"Did you even love me?"
"Did you ever stop to think about how I feel?"
"Don’t look at me like that."
"Don’t touch me."
"Do you love him/her?"
"Do you love me?"
"Everyone leaves."
"Eviction notice. It’s an eviction notice." 
"Fine, I’ll go."
"Fight me for it."
"Fuck it."
"Get away from me."
"How high are you?"
"How did you get here?"
"I bought a goat."
"If what we had was real, how could you be fine?"
"I get that you wanted to come up with the plan, but your plan is stupid."
"I hate you."
"I’ll bet you a dollar."
"I said that I’m in love with you."
"I think I’m pregnant."
"I’m going to kill you."
"I’m not eating that."
"Is that a chicken?"
"It’s not that I think your cooking is bad! It’s just … Not that good."
"Jokes on me, huh?"
"Just friends?"
"Just let me go."
"Just tell me the truth!" 
"Kiss me."
"Kicking someone is not a form of romance."
"Let me explain."
"Listen, it was a completely innocent gesture."
"Maybe you should go."
"Maybe fuck you will be our always."
"May need you to bail me out of jail."
"Miss you."
"No. The answer is no."
"Not drunk enough for this."
"Never, ever doing that again."
"Okay, I know this looks bad…"
"Please don’t."
"Please stop talking."
"Personally, I’d rather make out with a cactus."
"Quick, I need you to bring me a bottle of bleach."
"Quiet! Someone’s going to hear."
"Quit being annoying."
"Really, where were you?"
"Right. Of course it’s my fault."
"Silly of me to think you actually cared."
"Simple? Brushing my teeth is simple. This? This is not simple."
"So… How’s the weather?"
"Tell me you didn’t steal someones dog."
"There’s something wrong with you."
"This definitely isn’t what it looks like."
"Us? There is no us."
"Unable to process the stupidity of what you just said. Sorry."
"Unfortunately, she/he said no." 
"Very cute."
"We can’t do this."
"Was it just a lie?"
"Wait, what did you just say?"
"Wait! Hold on!" 
"Who the hell is passed out in the driveway?"
"What the hell?"
"Why are you naked?"
"Why is there silly string everywhere?"
"Why is there a frozen turkey in the bathtub?" 
"Without you, I’m lost."
"X-Rays? What the hell did you do and why didn’t you tell me?"
"You broke up with me. There’s nothing left between us anymore."
"You’re leaving? But it’s taco night…"
"Zebras have nothing to do with this conversation."
"Zelda is more important right now." 

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"So, I’m thinking about baking something completely unhealthy. You wanna help?" Jessica asked as she began to walk around the kitchen, trying to remember all the things she would need in order to make what she wanted.



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